So, we had an extra day on February 29, 2020 – how did you spend the time?

Feel no guilt if you wasted or frittered it away… because I hadn’t written this blog, with its sparkly suggestions of things to do.

Throw an impromptu dinner party.

The secret to doing it quickly? Have hunger friends starred in your phone contacts and then order Chinese takeout or a Blue Apron meal.

Go to Forever 21 and buy something fun that channels spring. Whenever you wear it in the future, refer to it as your leap outfit, even if it isn’t your size. A bonus: if you were born on February 29, you’d officially be 1/4 of your actual age, so it’s likely the outfit will fit your ideal.

Grab a photographer friend and stage a leap day shoot.

Get your power animal in balloon form, then have your friend snap photos of yourself in front of your city’s hot spots. Friend not available? Take slo-mo shots of yourself leaping for joy anywhere and everywhere.

Bake cinnamon rolls.

Bring them to work as a breakfast surprise for your colleagues. Wish everyone a happy leap day! Or eat all of them yourself – in your closet – before you get dressed for work.

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a really long time.

If they don’t answer, leave them a message and say something like, “Hi Elena! It’s Katie. I know it’s been forever since we last talked, but I was just thinking about you. It’s leap day and I wanted to call and say hi!” Do not leave a message like “Is your refrigerator running?”

Start planning a trip.

There’s plenty of days to travel left in the year.

Pull out a cookbook you haven’t used in forever.

Find a dish that sounds delicious, and make it for dinner.

Buy something new and decorative for your house. 

Purchase a new throw pillow, coffee table book, candle, plant, or crystal, then turn it into a leap day collection. In four years buy another pillow, coffee table book, candle, plant, or crystal.

Write your future self a letter.

Write down what you hope to happen in the next four years. Set the delivery date for the next leap day.

Tell everyone you meet some interesting facts about leap years.

Did you know that the U.S. presidential election and the Summer Olympics always occur in leap years?

Watch the romantic comedy Leap Year.

In the movie, Amy Adams and British hottie Matthew Goode travel across Ireland in search of Adams’s boyfriend, whom she plans to propose to.

Eat Tex-Mex.

The leap year capital of the world is the city of Anthony, which straddles Texas and New Mexico. Celebrate this town by eating queso, fajitas, and blood orange margaritas!

Try something/anything new.

Take a leap of faith. Do something you’ve never done before. Sign up for that floral arranging or improv class you’ve been wanting to take.