We’ve had a host of house guests in Casa Colando, California: most interesting, some sublime, some ridiculous, some petty, a nervy test to the nerves. Reader beware, lest the latter people come to inhabit your house.

A couple called, saying that they were flying to Las Vegas, touring Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon, and that they thought they’d saunter over to California to visit with us. I said, “Make sure you look at a map”, to which they replied, “That’s alright. We have GPS.”

They asked me to recommend a motel at the beach, stating that they didn’t want to visit their teenaged boys upon us. Whew – thanks! I replied that previous guests had universally lauded Laguna Beach. Oh, and they wanted to see the Hollywood Sign, Mann’s Theater, and Walk of Fame. In one day. I said, “Make sure you look at a map.”

“Oh, that’s alright. We have GPS.”Hollywood

We met for brunch at the beach the next day after their Hollywood mega-visit. I expected to hear about fulfilled dreams, stars, glamour and such, but only heard complaints…the drive from Laguna Beach to Hollywood had taken 2 1/2 hours “in all that traffic”.

I didn’t have the heart to say, “Too bad you hadn’t looked at a map”, but my husband said this: “It’s too bad that you only used a GPS, because you missed so many other great tourist spots on your way to Hollywood.” With his almost endless, enthused list, their eyes widened while their mouths sealed shut.

Isn’t the incident a good metaphor for life? We need a wider view, not a myopic one, a few miles in front of our own focus, to live our lives fully wide open to explore and worship His glorious gifts. We need a map. Which G– do you suggest?