Is-Daydreaming-Good-For-YouHabit #11: Daydreaming

Sometimes if one ponders a problem endlessly, he/she becomes fully confused, stuck in one’s own maze of a brain. Reliving, Rehashing, Rehearsing = a Rut. Thoughts will remain limited – Rigid – if one adheres to one well-worn path in one’s conscious mind.

While daydreaming is sometimes thought of as procrastination – teachers view it as drifting away or dilly-dallying from class work, making it a report card citation – the act is the genesis of the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’, with that black box being one’s own head.

Scientists at the University of British Columbia scanned the brains of people while they daydreamed and found that the habit activated brain regions linked with Problem-Solving abilities. Scintillating, Percolating, invigorating Schemes and Plans. Eureka, Progress Pops!

The reason daydreaming is so powerful is that the novel thoughts emerge from your unconscious mind. You can encourage your unconscious by performing a task you know so well that your mind is free to wander, easing out of that rut. Like when I craft cards or make beaded jewelry.

My unconscious mind is where some of my best, most free-flowing and fully-formed writing emerges. It’s prompted best by paper and pen…

house cleaningHabit#12: unfastidious home cleanliness

This one I must fess up to: we over-rely on the cleaning crew that comes every two weeks. They take care of our clutter, dust, and scum, while we engage energies elsewhere that are more fun. (do we think they are daydreaming, Constant Reader?) Its the redundant futility of it all that yields me unwilling to clean. The sameness, the routine…

The germs. Good health is a priority here.

But, discovered a microbiology team at Arizona State University, cleaners don’t kill all household germs, even the ones specially labeled with guarantees. For which we paid more.

Larry favors a blue sponge with one scruffy size, while I prefer the Williams Sonoma plump-with-moisture kind that fits precisely in my hand. We use them to swab the sink, counters, and stove. Sometimes I swipe at a spot on the floor… Guess what I’m spreading throughout the kitchen. Germs and smarmy stuff.

Guess we need to use a new sponge or cloth for each spill – like the paper towels that cost ___/roll. Guess we shouldn’t make messes.

Guess we shouldn’t cook – let’s go out to eat! I feel healthier already, don’t you, Ms./Mr. Untidy Too?

Habit#13: snacking

Well, I didn’t exactly find a source that validated my propensity to snack, though every diet I’ve ever been on – and the one that I’ll be on soon – state that eating many small meals at regular intervals is best for one’s metabolism. Pardon me, the refrigerator is calling to me – and Trader Joe’s is just down the street, with gas at only $2.20/gallon…

Suffering has never been one of my habits.