I carry in my wallet a picture of a heart: a schematic of my dad’s blockages and remedy shunts. On the back, listed in his own hand, are the dates of his pacemaker operations.

It’s a small plastic-coated card, meant as medic alert, the size of Master Card and its priceless tradition.

Though my dad passed away four years ago, it’s a reminder of his heritage to me: a sensitive, yet indomitable heart. One that became congestive and failed – my dad died of a broken heart.

But there’s always an Upside to celebrate: four weeks after my dad’s first pacemaker operation, he was walking the Great Wall. He made the pacemaker pace.

I have my dad’s verve for travel and heart. I have a sensitive, yet indomitable heart…

And I am walking the Great Wall of China in October.  Wish me well!

The Great Wall