My husband and I traveled out of the country for two weeks, something we’d been unable to do for three years. As you may know, travel is our thing. We felt confined during the protracted homestay, like criminals on house arrest.

Though none of us humans did the crime, we did the time. It was time for revenge on the Covid trap.

Our wanderlust was cramped by a virus that morphed and re-morphed, but humanity prevailed, led by a consortium of scientists dedicated to conquering Covid with a vaccine. While we didn’t

  • lose employment or income
  • lose our home due to mortgage default
  • participate in the toilet paper run
  • have to homeschool or cope with bored kids
  • or, most importantly, die or suffer lasting side effects like long covid

our spirits suffered. We mildly resemble Thing One and Thing Two, playful even in our older age. While we seldom create mayhem, our lives have been experience-rich.

We are dedicated to preserving our sense of Wonder and wandering the big world achieves that purpose for us.

We ventured to Costa Rica and Panama, with a transit of the Canal. We cruised onboard a smaller ship, which appeals to our gregarious natures so that we can get to know people from all over the country, mix-and-mingling with New Yorkers, Midwesterners, and other US citizens. The boon, of course, is that you only unpack once… Further, all meals and onshore excursions were provided, so that real ease is gained.

That’s a perfect segue into the five things we gained on vacation

  • ease of spirit, rest, and respite after fending off Covid and fighting for all aspects of health, including mental
  • perspective on how other peoples live and how fortunate we Americans are, with our wishes and dreams fulfilled
  • witnessing the pride of country, that jaded Americans have lost, that citizens of Costa Rica and Panama possess
  • the inevitable pounds from eating meals provided, including desserts. Yikes
  • and this, my Panama tat

Vacations restore one’s equilibrium. They foster peace and joy!