Are you aqua-fit or aqua-fat?Water-aerobics-3_medium_640

I don’t have to choose: I am both.

You see, my mindful fitness routine includes water aerobics. I’ve just attended my 100th class.

Feeling tready, I am.

However, my unmindful imbibing infuses its own routine: each week I lose three pounds and each weekend I gain them back. Call the culprit California wine.

Feeling reboundy.

My poundage remains in balance until we factor in other people’s vacation in our home, when we eat and drink jovially, convivially. The incidence is two months/year.

Then mix in the menus of our two months of personal vagabonding and travel to visit family and friends who live elsewhere.

It isn’t zero sum. It isn’t low impact.

I am clinging to the message of the Laguna Woods longevity study, reported on Sixty Minutes several months ago, in which we learned that a little pudge and plump – sealed with sociability – fostered longevity.

Feeling trendy, I am.