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A lot of fear is associated with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) into the writersphere. It seems that writers everywhere shredded their favorite tees and pajama pants and sat at their keyboards biting their fingernails while their knees knocked under their desks.. Insecurity is rampant in Hollywood, college English departments, and MFA programs. Will ChattGPT replace them, making them obsolete so that tenure will never be attained? Will reporters no longer be necessary for the newspapers that remain? Will movies and TV shows be scripted by AI? Jeopardy makes people go nuts.

There was a recent IWSG post extolling the use of AI for advertising. I agree… all good.

Here’s the thing about AI, though. It’s artificial, it’s fake, it’s not human. While its machinations could shut down power grids or disrupt air traffic control, it’ll never be able to detect sarcasm. Humor will not penetrate the artificial mind. It’ll be thick as a brick like unremarkable humans are. The domain of writing satire will remain the provenance of writers who excel with that schtick.
Here’s my slogan, “I’m PJ Colando and I write humor and satire with a literary bent.” I doubt that ChatGPT will replace me in the writersphere. I feel safe, just as I do when I write as a participant of this group, Insecure Writers Support Group

All for one and one for all – write on!