My husband took me and house guests on an LA field trip the other day. We went to see the Endeavor.

Awesome, cherished, and embraced as embodiment of American know-how and fundamental sharing – what a spectacular vehicle to view up close and personal. In its new home it seemed vast as the universe into which it had ventured.

Yes, up close and personal – and then we saw the IMAX film with footage from the HUBBLE telescope. Then we felt our smallness within the scope of God’s universe when the film footage brought us up close and personal. Majesty, beauty, reverence for His miracles.

We learned that school children had named the space shuttle ‘Endeavor’. How refreshing: some  know about ‘Earn’, more than the cartoon character’s urging all “To infinity and beyond”. I hope to know a child like that up close and personal. This will be my endeavor.

Space Shuttle flyby