Here’s another sandwich for you to digest, another dose a la PJ, the poster child for what not to do when writing-and-marketing a book. I’ve tried to trim the fat, the calories that make you fat-and-sassy, but not necessarily savvy. Broke and not better for it, weeping before the end of the month when nothing’s in your wallet or your Amazon sales chart.

In case you missed installment #1, click here:

DO know your book’s theme, your reason to write, your rant, your podium, your premise.

  • Is that clear? Did I cover all the bases, er basis? It’s takes a lot of energy to write. It also takes energy to read. Make sure that each partner gets why the other is present.
  • It also takes mighty energy to market and having clear knowledge of your intent ignites your marketing zeal.
  • Further, a great 20-30 logline emerges. A statement which with light your face from within when with which (see ‘editor’ below) you introduce yourself and your book. Good energy sells!

DON’T do a launch party. Sure, you’re excited and you want the world to be as well.

  • But consider how busy everyone is among all the tasks, chores, and choices in Orange County, CA!
  • Consider the costs/benefits. What if you gave a party and nobody came… Ego benefits do not equal cash.

DO write the best prose you can.

  • Self-improve via courses and critique groups. Change, ebb-and-flow, progress – because the rest of the writer world does.
  • Have your book professionally edited. Sometimes referred to as  ‘shred-it-ers’, don’t be averse to their amends. Trust the process – these are your story’s best friends.
  • The first sentence and chapter can/will be previewed by potential buyers, so hook ’em as best you can. A ‘look inside’ is offered on all buy sites. You wouldn’t buy a new car without a test drive, would you?