A coffee table book. Thick and chunky statements of varying topic, color, and worth. Do you have one… or two or three in a stack? Or are your books carefully clustered as art on floor-to-ceiling shelves?

It seems to be the great home decor debate now that our homes are open for visitation again.

Sometimes interior designers are employed to create a vibe. A rent-a-look to create an impression that the homeowner is an informed and credible person of great taste and culture. An aire of mystery or conversation starter may be the intent – if a visitor takes a closer-than-cursory look.

A look is a good idea to avoid a crack in the shins. (wink-wink)

It’s a problem, of course, if the the homeowner and/or designer label the furniture a cocktail table. In that case, a book would never do, though a martini shaker or tools for making a Pisco Sour would. Better yet, a set of cut crystal glasses and a liquor-filled decanter could be on display. Especially if/when it was a wedding gift from an inlaw or outlaw.

Whatever one’s intent, coffee table books tell a story of who you are.

Alternately, if said book is topped with a layer of dust and/or decorative bowl filled with fake grapes or silver balls, the visitor quickly discerns that his/her friend is not a reader. He/she is a Poser, a derisive term from rock ‘n roll, indicating that one is not authentic. A potted plant atop the stack of perfectly aligned of books salvages a reputation somewhat, for at least the homeowner is plant lover. Which is ecologically correct.

Thank goodness, in these days of communal health consciousness, ashtrays are seldom resting atop coffee table books.

Books are to be picked up, opened, and held. Books are to be read and chatted about. Books are not props, no matter what their girth.

My coffee table books are photo books of past travels and are nestled among other travel treasures, such as our pieces of the former Berlin Wall. https://www.pjcolando.com/life-as-a-miracle-the-berlin-wall/You are kindly invited to take a look and chat about these essential elements of our experience.

Get to know us, People. Now that we can interact again, let’s get together.