“These boots are made for walking…” but that’s not what they’ve been doing…


I purchased these boots last October to prepare for the much-craved El Nino rains. California’s crops and people were thirsty. Typical winter in soCal provides abundant water, but we hadn’t had typical in years; this year there’d be more as per needs, er demands. Prepared as per Murphy’s Law I was. Disappointed too.

We had been in a drought cycle, unprecedented in our climate. California felt like the Sahara, which many millennia ago used to be a grassy savannah plain.

Thank goodness our home’s landscape was mature, so that our trees had deeper tap roots – and that we had many drought tolerant plants, some native to Australia, which has a similar climate with seasons reversed.

BTW, we get to have two summers this year because we spent a month Down Under late January through February.

Well, three, if one counts the daily reality of the February just past when, for the second consecutive year, the sun ruled like August redux.

You can see that the forms remain in the boots. I have the boxes, too. They’ve been worn a half-dozen times each – notably, remarkably, the navy suede high tops arrived in time to walk through light snowfall as we visited longterm friends in Colorado in November.

3417249e69600751784d3dd5644a5c62Yes, life has miracles. Even for inanimate objects like boots.

I am living life as a miracle as mantra, just as Einstein suggested:

What about you?

P1050273P.S. I also live by MC and went shopping on yesterday’s extra day of the year. I purchased shoes apropos for the CA weather, though I’ve recently traveled to the land of UGGs. These shoes are made for walking…yes, they are.

Because I must shed the five pounds gained during a month vacation and the ten gained in the years before. Weight swarms the thighs and abdomen when one enters the Boomer years.

What about you?