“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small”…

Who recalls that song opener delivered in the hauntingly soaring voice of Grace Slick? Loved her personna, truly slick and surreal. Click and hear it now:

“The ones that Mother gives you don’t do anything at all,”but the handful that my physician prescribes seem to do everything but beat my heart.

I recently went to a new internist and left her office in gratified amazement. She prescribed less: three pills less and possibly more. My clean living, oiled by olive, peppered by Zinfandel and less salt, seems to be serving me well. It’s all very scientific, you know: better living through chemistry, a famed Dupont advertisement when I was a teen.

Do you recall that slogan? What did/does it mean to you?

Dupont dropped the last phrase of the slogan in 1982, preferring to correlate better living to the Miracles of Science, which relates to one of my themes, as you know well. Living Life as a Miracle works for me, abundantly, over-and-over again.

I recently learned that a new word has been coined by ardently healthy Baby Boomers and fervent foodie Millenials encamped in front of the latest chef show: Gastrophysics: the theories and experimental methodologies of physics applied to food, cooking, and eating.

So, it’s Better Living through Physics. Here we are again https://www.pjcolando.com/on-the-ragged-edge-of-physics/

Read and leave a pleasurable comment; don’t be a pill.