imagesOn the ragged edge of Physics, I walk – though not in stilettos like these. I dislike the color green…  As well as the prospect of pitching forward, face planted in pavement, clothing ruined and ego stubbed like my toes.

Foot and knee foibles are an inheritance, and good posture is not among my best traits, despite my mother’s and chiropractors’ tutelage. Head forward and bent to the path, vigilance to avoid pitfalls, traps, and snails, I guess.

Remember this? I am prone to plantar fascists – and slips of the lip… Hips, too. That SI joint is not very stable. Heredity is hell.

images-2Tis why I frequently purchase new shoes, the plushest and best-arched on the market. We recently traveled to Scandinavia, walking cobblestones and trekking mountain paths to glaciers without agony of de feet.

Tis why I walk with friends. It’s why I subscribe to tribe, people who look out for me, watch my back – and the path ahead. I return the favor to members of my tribe. Don’t wish to reside on the ragged of psychotics?

Join me. Life has the edge, but Tribe has the ease. My husband Larry is the resident president of mine: