To market, to market to buy a fat pig… Authors who want to sell, market their books.In this scenario, I is de TEAM…

We do it the all-American way, with vigor, self-reliance, and aplomb! It’s either me, myself, and I, otherwise known as we, not them, the sillies, the lackies, the flakes…the authors who bluster and cry and blame their publisher (often themselves) for their floundering sales.

DO an Amazon author page.

  • Have an amazing photo, one’s that current, not you in the last century like Ann Landers famously did. Fear not thy well-earned wrinkles and double chin… your readers will see them during public appearances. Don’t be fraud bait 😉
  • Remember your bio is part of your sales pitch so share yourself, factually, of course. Pique interest in you, how your life has influenced your writing and vice versa. Ditto the fraud bait comment above 😉
  • Be sure to ask everyone you know to Follow you (that yellow rectangle button below that captivating photo of you) and Follow back. Creat community not self-adulation.
  • Add events, your blog feed if you like. Add personal comments to your fans, if you wish…if you have fans, lucky you!
  • Your book description is key – give a sense of the reading experience, not a plot summary. Entice!
  • Add all your books to your carousel – with a buy link if you can. Use a Bitly Be ‘fly’!

DON’T do a book trailer. Once hot, now not. A diversion, a ploy, a time-and-money suck. Consider it a stage of a multi-level marketing plan, if your ego insists.

DO an author website. It’s a bigger, bolder, better, more thorough version of your Amazon author page. Mine is blog-driven, the perfect ‘cure’ for writer’s block (this silly phrase only exists when you’ve let an inner shred-it-er take over your brain… you’re supposed to write from the heart, not your ego, author) Post faithfully to a blog, especially if you have a theme/purpose to write. Make it your appointment to write, author!)

Follow my Amazon Author Page and this blog, please and thanks.