A long time ago, in a place called Allerton Gardens on the island of Kauai…

No, this is not a fairytale, though the botanical gardens walks one back in time and place… to sublime.

http://allerton gardens

Allerton is not the Garden of Eden, but close. For one thing – there are no critters. For another, it’s in the U.S. But it is as idyllically near as any place my husband and I have traveled. If you haven’t visited, especially during a period of great angst and conundrum, I strongly suggest that you do. Reportedly the gardens is where Jackie Kennedy was flown immediately after her husband was shot.

Get it?

We were guided through the garden – for a fee which we gladly paid. Well, not so gladly because my husband is a skinflint. Teasing, yet not – he just didn’t know that high value would come in tandem with the high price.

We and our small group of tourists walked and walked and walked – through acres and acres and acres of nature’s bounty, well-groomed and filled with a place to ‘sit a spell.’ Water features of ying and yang variety, eclectic, ancient-and-modern, yet all aligned in perfect pitch.

To a heartbeat.

And, when I noticed and remarked, the guide said, “When you walk to the pace of your heartbeat, your health improves.” It was then that I noticed the pace of his gait as well as our group’s pervasive – yet subconscious – alignment. Just as the fountains were aligned, so were we.

Here’s a parallel, a truth of writing that I’ve noticed: Just as sync and flow assist with writing, so it goes with health.