happy satr“I am a star!”

This statement of self-respect has knocked a few people off their axis. Relatively speaking, I’m thought to be prideful and/or addled by some – I see it in their squinty stink eyes. I do not fit into the more regular shapes of round, square, or triangular, so it’s even more difficult to jam my peg into place.

I persistently rise above. My desire to thrive persists, perseveres. “I am a star,” I valiantly affirm.

So, when I read an explanation from an astrophysicist the other day, about why it’s great to act like a star, I hooked in immediately. You know I’m gonna share; hope you have affinity..,and beyond:Throughout their lives, stars turn basic elements like hydrogen and helium into richer, heavier elements. When they die, some stars scatter their remains, full of those enriched ingredients, into gas clouds across the galaxy, where they’ll later regroup and become part of a brand-new star system.

How purposeful and metaphoric – the next generation of stars benefiting from those who went before. Sort of like our parents and other relatives who have passed on propagated our lives. My life as a star and yours.

So, instead of worrying about getting older and whether I’m athletic, pretty, or thin as I once was, I am focusing on a brilliant life that will be remembered. I will continue to make an appreciative impact, positive and faithful to the human cause. To assure that the universe will be a little better off because I’ve lived in it. Thanks, God: for the chance, this life.

“Let’s rock it, Lord!”