I am a writer, a poet and a painter of words. I thrive on writing, which puts to use the bodacious vocabulary gained via reading since age four.

To write is to live strong, for me.

It’s an exercise, a walk-about to explore the truths within my heart, mind, and soul. During this protracted COVID-quarantine, it’s helped to keep me sane. I can say whatever I damn-well please for as long as I please. I can avoid or approach reality, from any angle I choose.

Writing gives you a picture of what’s inside my mind. I’d tell you, for I am free with my opinions, feelings, and affirmations. I am adept at repartee, banter, and can wither someone with words, while other women use looks. I am a skilled conversationalist.

During the extended homestay of COVID-19, I’ve been deprived of regular conversation and socialization with our friends. My husband and I used to dine-and-chat-and-drink-and-laugh with friends on a regular basis. While our MasterCard has a reduced amount of charges – and we’ve put less mileage on our cars – this starvation diet caused by social distance is putting my husband and me under duress…

To socialize is to live strong, for he and me.

We adore congregating, expressing, and exchanging significant truths within our hearts, minds, and souls. Because we’ve been together a long, long time, we can almost read each other’s hearts, minds, and souls. I figure that – if I actually counted – our out-loud conversation would be limited to 300-350 words/day. Sort of the length of a good blog post.

Peeps, I am insecure now that I may have lost my natural aptitude to chat and riff to evoke laughter. This protracted period may obliterate my coveted smart-ass gene.

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

While, due to homestay adherence, I will ride out the crisis and remain alive. My husband, too. I fear COVID-19 may kill our ease of conversational skills, the ones that truly enliven our lives.

(the word count of the blog is almost 340 words)