Life is not a simple walk in the park, is it? There’s all those people and opinions plotting the demise of happiness from the vagary of their human nature. While “a walk in the park” is an idiom, people can just be idiots.

As you know from my tag line, I write when I feel blue, I write when I feel black…and then I feel all better. It hopes it works this time…

I’ve just completed five months of physical therapy, a treatment I waited through two months and two orthopedists to authorize. Finally, a doctor who came from a place of humanity and reason. A doctor who’d effectively dealt with his own medial meniscus tear via the path of PT.

In the early months of walking with an injured right knee, I re-activated my severely-twisted left ankle’s problems (the ones that two doctor consults yielded no physical therapy as needed three years ago – all right, this is a thinly disguised rant about the failings of doctors. While I have learned to ‘listen to my body’, some don’t listen to me…argh).

When my neighbor loaned me a cane to support my walk, and it just happened to be royal blue, among my favorite colors, a woman hissed, “You’re just using that to get attention.”

I walked away, way out of her way…

More recently, I have been a recipient of the latest physical therapy treatment phenom: KT tape. It was developed for 2012 Olympians and has become widely used by sports figures. My PT wrapped my left ankle and shin, first in red, then in yellow, then in blue. Each of these tape measures lasted a week, despite showers and water aerobic work-outs. It worked well and I am recovered, doing my series of daily exercises for the rest of my life without fail. I want to be and do well.

But, wouldn’t you know it, I was upbraided again, “Why didn’t you have your PT match your outfit with the tape?” (this is not a fashion statement, honey, it’s treatment) and then, inevitably I guess, it came: “You’re just wearing that to get attention.”

With some fickle females it just never gets better, does it? Some people are more twisted than my ankle and knee…Twist

It all began with a simple walk in the park, when I injured my IT band…but now I can twist again “like I did last summer”. I am good with Patience, Perseverance, and Restraint.