Hi, my name is Amy. We’ve met before. Foxie moxie, as you recall. If you don’t – and even if you do – read the archive:  https://www.pjcolando.com/amys-sassin/

I am an outspoken bodacious chicka. Some say I’ve got —–. PJ Colando knows that better than most. I hijacked her first book years ago. Need to read it, Nitwit? Click this:  http://www.amazon.com/Stashes-PJ-Colando-ebook/dp/B00LIAZBKK/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1451271225&sr=1-1&keywords=Stashes

PJ avoids political talk. Especially during a meal, when pleasant talk helps one digest. Her mother told her this, and she lives the mantra still.

Did your mother tell you that? The queen of “Because I said so, that’s why?” My mom told me little about nothin’, but PJ’s mother told her a lot. Lucky she was and is. Values, rules to live by, to lead you to the Lord.

Neither a Dogpublican, or Democat*, nor Vegan policed, PJ is benignly cast, eager for peace. She’s radically ridicule-intolerant.

PJ is on vacation, getting away from the fray that is already wearing nerves and unraveling friendships.

Into the silent abyss I’ve leapt and hijacked her blog. It’s high time I spoke out: I’ve had enough of the politico pictured here. He is an outlandishly bombastic grump. Quoted below, he’s an equal opportunity maligner, whose lemmings should know what he said of them long ago… Seriously,

  • 12348123_1082091761821337_1740332501112136804_nI wanna trump his trump
  • Gonna bump his rump
  • Gonna frump up his comb over
  • Pump my fist in his face
  • Gonna dump his sorry ass
  • Push him over the hump
  • Blast him off the campaign stump
  • Assure that there’s a lump of coal in his stocking every day of the year
  • sic noble Forrest Gump on him…
  • Anyone with me on any of this?

As you can see from this 1998 PEOPLE magazine quote, he’s not even a real blonde. He’s giving us all a bad name, along with every other ethnic group on the planet.

Donald Trump is a chump. Let’s change channels.

My name is Amy, and I hijacked a blog. Perhaps I should hijack a campaign… Whaddayathink?

*acknowledgement to John Vorhaus, famous humorist and avowed word-generator, my kind of guy