As you reflect on 2020 and project into 2021, I highly encourage you to remember something you already know: you have no control over the past and very little over the future. Not even the present for that matter. COVID-19 brought us to our knees on that score.

When considering new year’s goals and resolutions, you must question deeply, no pretending: what do you intend going forward? 

To assist you, I’m sharing seven insights I’ll use to re-shape the new year. I am resolute. And – if I could only share one, it would be this: let your emotions be shown and known, especially to yourself.

It’s been scientifically proven that we are actually emotional beings who think. Science, our buddy which should’ve prevailed in 2020, substantiated this fact.

7 Positive specifics I’ll bring forward in 2021.

  1. Clutter is like the junk food of our home. We cherished our immersion in clutter as a sign that we are creative, but have come to know that tidiness assures peace of mind. No more scrambling to find a receipt or favorite pair of earrings. Cell phones no longer misplaced due to absent-minded lapses. The house literally felt lighter and we plan to keep it that way.

2. My nighttime routine is as important as my morning routine. This realization was so momentous that I could be a separate blog post. Your night sets up your morning. It is the prelude to your sleep which will contribute to how you feel when you wake up. Finding a rhythm that prepares you for success is so important. Both of us found that a light nighttime read was a perfect prelude to sleep.

3. Boundaries are a form of protection. This is an intention I’ve set many times and I’ve re-lapsed as many times. Childhood relationships have powerful hooks, especially at holiday times. Try this meditation which works quite well: Think of the space around your self as an eggshell, delicate yet defined. Just before information flows through me, the egg’s shell tests and studies the info through my filter. Basically, hit pause before you respond. Bask – you don’t owe anyone a quick response before you get to connect with your feelings.

4. Eat the colors of the rainbow. I love how simple this is. There doesn’t have to be a specific diet in place or a bunch of restrictions. Food is meant to nourish your body. It’s as simple as that. Intense color in vegetables signifies loads of phytonutrients, biologically active substances that protect plants from viruses and bacteria and offer similar benefits to humans. It’s Nutrition 101 – look it up!

5.Snail mail is still important. In 2020 support of the USPS became politically correct as T**** sought to undermine mail-in ballots. Everyone – from grandma to little kids – loves the extra attention a personal card brings. It’s thoughtful.

6. I will make time to do nothing. My brain is an organ. It requires restoration – my best work isn’t attainable without a daily nap. It’s like giving my muscles a break from exercising. They can’t strengthen without rest.

I’ve done nothing except read for whole days during our 2020 home-stay. I’m a driven, goal-oriented person. I had no patience for unproductive days in the past… Now I embrace them.

7. It’s ok to be ok with not being ok. It’s not all good all the time – and, truthfully it never was.

I am an emotional being that thinks. I am thoughtful.