Today’s blog post is a partial cheat because I’ve ‘borrowed’ the best five things about being a writer from a famous writer, Mr. Joe Ide.

Note his signature… that makes it real. You may find the list on his FB page (link provided above). I don’t think he’ll mind. He’s a pal, a pen-pal, as a matter of fact. Like in the old days, when you graduated from writing a diary to sharing letters with someone far away.

I enjoyed several pen-pal relationships because my family moved several times in my childhood and teenage years. Not because we were running from the law, but because my dad was a school principal and the way to move up in Indiana’s school administration ranks was to move on to a larger school. I called it pure joy (not) that my dad was the principal of every school I attended, large or small. The fact put all my high school dating plans in the dumpster. In addition, I was righteously hazed:

But, as we know, I survived and seized the day. Learning to cope in spite of hazing and bullying has given me a strong spine – and lots of fodder for revenge writing. Hahaha!

Here’s my list of things I like about writing –

  1. belonging to a community of people who are willing, even eager, to think differently ranks high in the book of my life.
  2. I also like that – in my universe – everyone agrees with my POV.
  3. I can use the bodacious vocabulary i’ve acquired from a lifetime of reading.
  4. it’s an ab-fab hobby,
  5. I can hit the delete button if I don’t like a character’s behavior.

Yo-ho, yo-ho! It’s a writer’s life for me.

Because, as a writer and avowed word nerd, I can always get the last word… and that’s another thing to like about writing.