Can you overlay the title paraphrase on the Bangles’ hit song? The mesmerizing melody could haunt…

If you can’t, here’s help from your friend, Youtube:

I’ve been attempting to walk like a Norwegian for several months, greatly affected by the hyper erect posture of the country’s people, universally witnessed throughout Scandinavia actually, where we touristed for two weeks.














It was an elegantly green upon green experience, and I find myself changed physically as well as psychically; my posture refreshed as well as my point of view about life. Looking forward, walking on…

My husband says I’ve always watched the ground as I walked, an awkward head down posture that foments back pain. Perhaps I thought that, if I was vigilant in this manner, I wouldn’t step in it.

But I did, anyway, just as did you, Constant Reader. It’s what happens whether you wiggle, walk, jog, rush or stroll through life. People and events try to trip you up, with inadvertent intent or malevolent. Sigh…

When you see me, please prompt  me: lift that chin, eyes forward to the future, step in the present.










March around the world. Perhaps a new game will be invented: Where in the world is PJ Colando?

Truth: I’m in the Midwest; thank you, WordPress, for cached posts 😉