It was 8 years ago today…that we saw Paul McCartney in concert. Well, not quite, the event was the second weekend in November. But it comes to mind now, and I can’t wait to share the joyous remembrance. Especially because Paul and his band wowed the attendees with a three-hour show last Friday at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco.

It was an unexpected gift because…my chemo had to be delayed a week to allow healing of the lumpectomy’s inner stitches that I’d pulled reaching high on a shelf for a box. The surgery had only been performed 2 weeks prior, and I hadn’t yet learned to take it easy and prioritize my health and well-being… Larry was traveling on business, which was his job, and couldn’t provide the external cautions and calm that I needed.

Initially I was alarmed and frightened beyond thought when the first chemotherapy was deferred…but my dear friend helped me to discover the UP side. There always is one and, with a little help from my friend, I found it.

My husband and I had planned and attended the Rolling Stones concert at Anaheim Stadium as our last blast together before the chemo regimen started, when I would no longer be able to go out. Now we had a reprieve and could add another live concert to our dance card.

Yes, his favorites, the Rolling Stones, were in Orange County one week, and my favorite, Paul McCartney, was here the next.

Paul titled his tour: The Space Within US, an invitation to introspection. We were definitely about to embark on a Magical Mystery Tour, and the music helped the night to be all about US.