I hated to do it, but it needed to be done.

I tossed out the final Christmas cookies, dipped pretzels, chex mix, and fudge. We had already eaten nearly all of the treats – and you can tell, because the pounds are all around me.Holiday-Weight-Loss

Now, if I could only toss the poundage in the trash, in zip-lock bags for hygienic purpose. Something to invent in the new year – to all of the inventing wizards of the world, I lay the gauntlet down.

After all, tis the era of not accepting responsibility, so why would I buck trends to exercise my — off?

Oh, that’s right, my elected path is unique, original – and personal responsibility.

Meet me for a morning hike, Constant Reader – anyone?!

P.S. Wonder if Santa goes on a diet, vacationing in a rejuvenation spa after Christmas season? Ho-ho-ho!