If you wonder how to be happy, begin with a look at your God-given gifts. List them and then examine them for your purpose. How do you make a difference, so that your presence would be missed?

During our protracted and shared pandemic, I’ve had plenty of time to ponder these posits and facts. Because we’ve been stuck inside for days on end, perhaps you reflected, too. With the prospects of COVID-caused death so present, it seemed important to me to ponder my relevance and why my life mattered.

I’ve long lived a purpose-filled life. Perhaps you have, too. Long before mega-church pastor Rick Warren published his famous small-group Bible study tome, I’d made service to others the focus of my life. The picture below shows me with one of my toddler clients when I was a speech-language pathologist. My beloved career served me as well as my clients: I gave for a living. I own that goal and I’m proud of that fact.

Yet I am humble.

Service was modeled by my parents. To be like Jesus was mantra.

So here’s a list of my God-given gifts, the ones I’ve used in His service –

  • Empathy and eye contact
  • Hospitality
  • Sense of wonder and fun
  • Active listening
  • Kindness and caring
  • Sense of humor
  • Intelligence and dedication to lifelong learning
  • Sense of frivolity and ease of laughter
  • Intuitive and logical thinking
  • Flair for language, especially for limericks and the dreaded pun (wink)

I am a lucky Scotch-Irish leprechaun. I have – and use – the gift of chuckle.