money bagsIn my 30s I learned a life lesson: The reward for good work is more work.

The thought that followed like Mary’s little lamb was equally pertinent to quality of life: If the reward for good work is more work, then I will go into private practice because I will make more money. Shazam! A savvy, brave girl insight.

Pertinent to my inherent self-determination and desire for self worth. Though it seems surfacely shallow, several years later more mental ‘oomph’ arrived: “I make $100,000.00/year. I don’t have to take crap from anyone!”

An even savvier, braver insight. Crass, but self-validation may come in all forms. We each need all we can get. Validation as well as cash – California living is expensive!

Because I was the older sister, I’d actually discovered the first truth years before. Not the money bit, because our household was limited to one income – my dad’s – and decidedly middle-class. The lesson derived from the doings of daily chores was that because I was more thorough, meticulous, and compliant, I got to do more.

The life lesson got squelched when I sped off the college to live my own life, not once considering that that was the way the entire sphere worked. Actually the reward of more work in college was nearly all As, earning summa cum laude status among the ultra-brainy engineers of Purdue.

Two years into the work world the revelation bloomed again. When I bolted to develop my private practice, my world was alive with portent. Rewards abounded in many spheres, chief among them the ‘psychic pay’ of helping toddlers with communication disorders get better. I gave for a living – work with benefits.

Service with heart

Yes! The reward for good work was more work, helping thousands achieve their goals for better life. I told about it here:

What about you? What well-earned life lessons would you like to share?

The good, the bad, the ugly – bring it on!

P.S. Today is my birthday!