2020 has been a heck of a year, one which I never wish to repeat. What powered us through was reciprocal relationships –

  • my husband and I never missed a haircut. We shored the spirits of our shared hairstylist, helping to keep her afloat financially as well as listen to her laments
  • our house cleaning crew continued to come bi-weekly. This demonstrated our mutual trust and helped to keep the crew afloat financially – as well as giving us visitors in our home.
  • we continued our in-person banking – even at once/month, it was an outing!
  • We could share a smile and bit of gab with our cherished mail carrier because of our Dutch door and weather that allowed us to keep it open…
  • we were always able to eat by using early morning hours reserved for Seniors at our grocery stores, where my husband has ‘guys’ who guide him to the best fresh vegetables, fruits, and cuts of meat, as well as a favorite checker who never failed to smile.
  • I was able to secure necessary specialist appointments through a network of medically-connected and very caring friends, who added their thoughts and prayers for my health.
  • our prescription drug orders were always filled

Why? Because we’d built reciprocal relationships with our service providers and essential workers who’ve always powered daily life. You can read about several of these mutually reciprocal – and heroic – relationships during quarantine (at over nine months and counting!) here: https://www.pjcolando.com/heroic-bonds-forged-in-covid-times/

A powerful boon of the multiple crises of 2020 was: the bond between my husband and I became deeper and wider and stronger.

Throughout 2020, the prevailing lesson was that reciprocity makes the world go ’round.

Get with the program, American citizens –