What was your favorite childhood game? Did you hopscotch, play board games, jump rope, or kick the can?


Was your sports passion baseball, volleyball, football, or golf? Whether you spectated or played, did you have a ball?

Did you play Bunco or Bingo as an adult? Did you make weekly lottery picks to try to win millions? Do you still, win or lose or spoil-sport? Because the point, of course, to playing the lottery is to win and not to lose  😎 


As an adult, I am playing at writing. It’s an elegant hobby turned into an encore career. The point of my writing is to fill my time productively, whether planning or meandering across the landscape of a blank page.

I criss-cross the pages with prose and lose all sense of time and place, transported to wherever I desire to go. To escape the present and to plumb the past for events and/or calamities that will energize the actions and evoke arcs for the characters in a manuscript. Or in life.

Wisely, my characters don’t play hide ‘n seek with me, the author, or else I chase them down, demand their change, and/or alter their course.

What games do you play the spare time of your adult life? Do you retain – or try to regain – your childlike sense of wonder, your sense of winning this game we call Life?

Are you having a ball?

Or, sadly, are you locked in, losing yourself?