As an author and a person, we all seek customers, otherwise known as friends.

Friends who read, friends who buy, friends who write reviews and attend book events.

Charisma is a key ingredient to all of the above.

Charisma is a key to life.

It’s all about team. We all know the aphorism “There is no I in team.” ‘Tis better to collude on the behalf of others rather to collude for one’s own benefit. ‘Tis. So very Three Musketeers is spirit.

The truths apply to family as well as friends. Best yet – to family as friends. That’s the ticket.

A smile, a handshake, a hand up rather than a hand-me-down.

‘Tis easy to do. One only has to be… smiling. No words can replace a smile. A smile needs not be augmented or enhanced. A smile holds its own ground, sets a presence. Of kindness. Of harmony. Of shared interests and contentment.

Let’s begin the revolution together. Let’s smile and keep our most annoying and confrontational words to ourselves. My mama taught me a la ‘Bambi’ a famous character in a fifties movie. “If you can’t say anything nice, it’s better to say nothing at all.”

Smile and say nothing.

Remain mum, content, and kind.

Be the change.

Move humanity forward.


I am a fortunate child. I have my Mother’s smile.