A year ago, I joined Pinterest, as every aspiring-to-be-published writer was advised, as a component of ‘Platform’ on social media that will advertise.

It’s a visual billboard of interests and inclinations, as you proclaim yourself to be. It’s good for a writing break, writer’s block, and/or as a writing prompt. It’s free!

It’s good for a person who must dwell in mind’s interior, to make pretty words march with precision, story-telling on page after page. We writers are spilling our mental guts, aspiring to insights that will help others, as well as oneself.

Christian faith speaks much about forgiveness, as Jesus died on the cross to absolve all sin. I posted this sign on my Pinterest boards as evidence of the final forgiveness barrier I crossed several months ago:

self-forgiveness     It’s been the sign most often ‘re-pinned’ among my pictures and words (I receive an email notification each time the deed is done), several hundred times, which validates a pervasive need.

Be and do it: it’s your time. It’s your turn.

You may have been blind, but God isn’t.

You are a King’s child. His will be done.