YES! I received my second vaccine shot on March, feeling that I was free from fear of Covid-19 because I was double-vaxxed. Safe and able to move about my community.

BUT my condition was only semi-freedom because not every California inhabitant had been vaccinated.

  • Some weren’t eligible because they were too young,  such as the school-aged children who attended the petrie dish of public and private schools.
  • Some lived in remote areas with limited access to precious shots.
  • Some hadn’t received enough scientific information to satisfy their skepticism and were called vaccine hesitant
  • Some were strident anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, imposing their double threat wickedness on society

When the inevitable variants invaded – chief among them in this country was the Delta variant – the disease exploded again. Masks were again recommended as the disease ran amok, largely among younger adults and children, a cruelty that seemed insane.


But scientists and pharmaceutical companies got cracking, conceiving a booster, a third dose to combat the rise in the wicked disease and keep older and immune-compromised people safe. Time constraints – to assure the best outcome – were set and finally, finally, my turn to receive the immune boost of the third shot arrived.

I’d gotten my annual flu shot, tetanus, whooping cough, and diphtheria – all boosters of the same vein – earlier. Therefore, I didn’t decry the need to receive the third shot. I willingly lifted my sleeve, turned my head the other way, and thanked the Wahlgreen pharmacist. I’d seized the opportunity to be a part of the solution to save my life. My smile was now broader, my shoulders relaxed,  and my spirits boosted because I’d enabled my survival.

I am a booster booster, the antithesis of an anti-vaxxer.

P.S. The Pfizer has been proven effective for school-aged children and thousands of doses dispensed. A single shot brings hope for children’s survival, too.