So, how’s the sh*t show of 2020 going?

Are you back to work? Sh*t out of luck, overextended, nerves shot? Worrying yourself out of your mind? Tired of being cooped up with pets and people and debts? Let me know in a comment on this blog post – I really want to know.

Let’s create empathy beyond the threats and frets of this Sh*t Show of a year. This 2020 stagnation of healthy body and spirit. Let’s create win-win during this oddly intense state of having too many worries during this seemingly endless time.

Ready? Set? GO –

  1. You are not alone. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not.
  2. So, reach out and touch someone, without prompt. You can write, call, or text. It doesn’t matter if you have lots or little to say. Since social distance obviates hugs, send a postcard or post emojis on friends’ pages on Facebook.
  3. Shop masked-up and local. Help your neighbors and small business people who need the lift you can give.
  4. Remember that, in the everyday and ordinary matters of the heart, we are more alike than not.
  5. Smile. Laugh. Out loud and a lot.
  6. Be human. Walk as much as possible and revel in nature’s wonders.
  7. Take an online seminar or class. Learn how to paint or play Scrabble.
  8. Be kind. Mind your manners.
  9. Say prayers and have good thoughts.
  10. Work daily to surmount laments.