Zippety-doo-dahMy Mini Cooper, Zippy-Doo-Dah, is 6 years old. Woo-Hoo for her!

Woo-Hoo for me, too, because she’s low mileage, long paid for, and the extended warranty has covered many of the legendary Mini foibles. As well as my driving around corners on two wheels – Ha!

I’m considering another vehicle, but this will be a long process, as ever things are when my husband selects.

Yes, he does. To my benefit as well as his. You see, he worked as a traveling salesman and was always given a company car. It was never a vehicle he craved, but it and its gas were free to us, so what’s not to like?!

He also receives three car magazines/month. Perusing their pages, pawing the pictures is a wonderful hobby, a less expensive pastime than golf.

Larry’s selection of my wheels fulfills both our needs – and he’s always right, so why knock it!

I’m dreading the switch, however, because cars are no longer equipped with CD players – another signal that I am ‘older’. Sigh. My husband and I have a several-hundred CD collection. Just as we have hundreds of vinyl records and cassette tapes. Note: no eight-tracks or 45s; we gave those up in our tweens.

We love music. I find that I can not drive without it; it masks road noise. Further, radios have endless commercials that even 12 pre-set stations can’t avoid.

No, my Mini doesn’t have Sirius, anymore than she has GPS. Yes, I know I will enjoy both of those services, but I’m attached to my CDs. They are as tangible as the print book tradition I uphold.

So, I’m listening to each, in turn, relishing, finger-snapping, and singing along. Don’t honk if you spy me speeding along; I’m in ‘church’.

I used to have every word of Carol King’s ‘Tapestry’ memorized; she was musical heroine to me. However, I didn’t attempt to see her recent life story play. I’m not enamored anymore…I can move on.

mm_gal_item_c2_14.img_resize.img_stage._1New car suggestions, please.

Anything, as long as it’s blue. Gotta return to my roots.