If you’ve read my recent blog posts, you’ll recall that I’ve been Spring cleaning, though my efforts have been confined to my closet. I’ve given Goodwill two large bags of clothing, so that others may enjoy the gently worn clothing I’ve cast off. I feel good about that. However, I feel chastened by some of the poor shopping choices I discovered in my closet. While the clothing was on sale, it was also purchased online and not eligible for return. The clothing fit, but it didn’t please, and cluttered the back of my closet.

What a waste, made by my haste, when I chased a good deal. Have you done the same?

Last week, I inventoried my shoes. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for shoes. Not precisely a fetish; let’s call it an affinity. My boots and shoes are boxed, therefore are easier to stack and do not represent clutter. Not to brag, but I have seven pairs of boots – all of which have come in handy in this ultra-rainy month.

I also have seven pairs of sneakers. This style of shoe is preferred by my feet, which suffer the agony of de feet if/when a dress-up occasion is on our social calendar. I’ve Marie Kondo’d many pairs of heels in the past several years, replacing them with flats. The gems I purchased are not only comfy but they fete my feet!

In other news last week, Amazon released “Air”. It’s a movie about how the Air Jordan sneaker came into existence, launching the expensive sneaker phenom. It’s propelled by the star power of Michael Jordan, of course, as well as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. While we haven’t seen it yet, my husband and I intend to – now that the annual nationwide college basketball tournament ended. (great release date, btw, Ben and Matt and Amazon. Brilliant!)

P.S. My car got new shoes as well. While four tires cost much, much more than a pair of shoes. The tire buy was necessary and will keep me safe as I drive. Bonus: reduced road noise because I no longer drive on run-flats. I can better hear the music on the radio or my single cd player.

Music sparks joy in me!