So… I had a Big Birthday. Huge number. Big, almighty geez.

How it affected me is unclear – to discover the scope of my thoughts, perspectives, and feelings is a reason to write, as you know. The process is amusing, not constraining. It keeps me off the street – and out of the bullpen of uncivil civilization, which seems to be all about critique and complaint.

So-and-so, I am.

Here’s one of my gifts: a seven year pen.P1050101

That’s my time commitment for this hobby, this encore career, my seven year ‘itch’. Hope the pen helps me to write right and write more, avoiding cliques and creaky mindsets.

(please forgive the improper picture orientation – technology frazzles me much of the time. I am a Boomer Babe, doing the best that I can to keep up, but…)

Here’s what some other writers think about an aspect of that: cliche.

Two questions combined in one post, for your gracious consideration, Constant Reader?

  • What’s your tactic to remain relevant in your own life?
  • What do you contribute to civility among women and men?

btw: this pen is able to write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years, according to its blurb. It’s tip is ‘life long’.

Yup, it’s precision Swiss made.

I think I made a commitment to 7 more years of trying to write right and to right wrongs, my Reader Buddy? Gotta get scratching!

How about you?