There’s little worse than being cornered into conversing with a reformed _________. Insert your own term from this list, please: alcoholic, sinner, fatty, cigarette smoker, slut… (or tell me your own in a comment)

If ever there was a toxic talker, it’s those who’ve turned on a dime, with tons of information to support their convince-you harangue. I’ve fervently wished they’d consider that… dialogue recast as monologue elicits prayer for escape, not conversion. 

It’s time to confess that recent experience has placed me in that conversational entrapper camp. Oops!

Among my ‘continuing ed’ classes this fall, I went to traffic school.

And I learned (gasp!) that NO HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY. That’s right, everyone must yield.

12065546_1330011000437163_7664559743970815632_nAutomobiles are a mighty missile, and Road Rage is such a pervasive highway phenom that it’s become capitalized. Hence a traffic rule shift.

Look at the sign I found – does this apply to you? (not me: my husband grocery shops)

So, in the interest of parity and traffic obfuscation, California DVM (probably populated by lawyers) has overridden the rules learned in Drivers’ Ed. Driving has relapsed to the level of pedestrian.

Why was I in Traffic School, you ask, Constant Reader? Especially when I boastfully posted this?

There are several life lessons embedded in NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY:

  1. what goes around, comes around. One can not flaunt the law for long, and there’s likely a bigger ticket in the offing, waiting around the corner for you, Babe!
  2. though Americans enshrine rights, to be dead right is wrong. Better to let the angry one pass.
  3. everyone must yield in life, if we truly want to get along. No one’s rights have sway at the end of a peaceful day…

BTW: I highly recommend the IMPROV Traffic Course online. I was done in nearly no time. I learned, I passed, and I laughed a lot.

The last laugh. Because I intend to drive well – with improved lookout for entrapments… I REFORMED.