Let’s consider two words: Plot and Plod. Notice that I didn’t include their near-partner, Ploy, a word which has slimy connotation. To market effectively, it’s best to have a Plan. We all know the Goal – to sell books – but how we get there will differ.

We’ve all learned by now that life works best with you have a plan. Though you must be open to others agendas, issues, and events, it’s still best to have your own course. Be flexible, allow serendipity, but know your purpose and know your style.

Say “plotter” aloud.

Now say “plodder” aloud…

Did you notice that each word sounds the same?

What this simple ploy demonstrates is: whether you are a plotter or a plodder in marketing your books, it’s all work. DO recognize that basic fact. It’s effort and you must do it. Even high level authors no longer have legions of publicists, though they do have legions of fans. And you can, too.

Well, you already do. Reconnect with family, friends, former classmates and co-workers. Write an article that mentions you and your book for newsletters or websites (Be assertive, but not aggressive. Did I need to re-state that?) Promote your book in your holiday cards – the people on your list want to know that, trust me. I’ve sold dozens of books that way.

DON’T be a bore at parties, church and social events. Don’t clog the air with conversation about you and your amazing, amazing book. Be prepared to answer people’s questions because they will get nitty-gritty at times. Be prepared to listen to them tell you about their amazing, more-than-amazing book they can write. Smile and encourage them. Don’t tell them it’s tough…

DO ask for book reviews and reciprocate. I’ve heard the rumor that Amazon deletes friend reviews, but it’s never happened to me. Perhaps the egregiously fake reviews where people basically write a vague line and give a book five stars. I inserted a copy of a great review inside my books, where I’ll turn to sign a book for someone who purchases a print copy. I let the buyer read the positive review which, of course, ends with a request for a review.

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I had a blast and I hope you will, too!