I was glad that I asked, relieved to have misperceived. My friend said her quick grab to place an accent pillow from the couch in front of her wasn’t armor against me.

“It’s because I’m fat,” she said with downcast eyes, so different from her self-assured, open gaze. “I have a paunch.”

“Paunch pillows!” I was laughing so hard I could barely get the words out. The dynamics of the room shifted on an axis of flab.

pillow fightTwo Boomer babes not acclimating well to hormonal shifts, tip-of-the-tongue phenomena, and/or weight gain, not eager to flaunt.

What a business concept!

Want a pillow to punch?

Coming soon: paunch pillows in blue, black, and in the pink, not apoplectic red.

Pillow talk, not fight.