Happy New Year! It’s another year of orphan socks!

What are the green spikey thingies, you ask? They aren’t nerf footballs… they are dryer balls! Handy to keep the fitted sheets from knotting up into a ball with all your socks inside. Well, that’s the intent. They are noisy as they are cast about the tumbling and turning dryer drum. That can be endured… however, the dryer balls have been a failure.

Dryer balls do not prevent the loss of a sock from its mate.

Socks are meant to be worn as a pair – to cover the pair of feet that you were born with and under the pair of shoes to cushion and warm your feet. Your pair of pants are worn to cover your pair of legs – and that’s as per God’s plan. Humans are bi-pedal people.

Alas! Allow me to share some repurpose ideas for unpaired, orphan socks:

  1. save coins and cash for a rainy day in the single sock – yet this idea must be debunked as much as ye olde piggy banks. All banking can be done online, with coins dumped into a CoinStar machine and then converted to dollars.
  2. shoe polish cloths… though¬†we now longer wear leather shoes that must be buffed and shined.
  3. make puppets for children, a good toy during Covid home-stay times
  4. make stuffed animals… sock monkeys are famous, kids!
  5. sock caps, especially needed for robbers and rioters everywhere
  6. cover an arm cast so it doesn’t get dirty during its six weeks required wear
  7. Use as a hand covering when you must open doors or pump gas during Covid-times.

What other re-purposes can you concoct for orphan socks, my reader peeps?