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California has too many marijuana farms—growing too much product—and if nothing is done it will devastate the pot industry.

How’s that for a blog headline!

And, who’d have ever considered that “pot” and “industry” would appear in the same sentence!

In its 2019 cannabis harvest projection, Vessel Logistics, a San Francisco-based cannabis distribution company, found that more than 1,142 acres of cannabis farms hold state permits. The grower/owners can produce up to 9 million pounds of crop every year, but the permitted wholesale market can realistically support 1.8 million to 2.2 million pounds.

“Thus, even when a 50 percent cut in production is accounted for, a significant oversupply is unavoidable in 2019,” the report concluded.

Can you spell GLUT?

Slid into the Farm Bill in the final hours of 2018, weed is legal nationwide. Even my home state of Indiana has multiple sources of bud-sweet-bud. It’s now a legal drug, like alcohol. No longer illegal, as alcohol once was, too. So, will the oxy epidemic abate? So much to ponder, so much to contemplate, so much not to bother our pretty heads about. Legalization is no longer debatable. It’s here, slipped under our noses by Congress in the midnight hour.

Happy New Year!

California isn’t the only state to grapple with an overproduction of bud. A state audit found that Oregon growers are producing twice as much cannabis as the state market can support and that there is “more than six year’s worth of supply sitting on shelves and farms,” according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. This may be the problem of the century, well, the double-edged sword/problem of the world.

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