I awoke with pain in my arm and cheek. My right arm, my dominant arm, my butt cheek.

I’d fallen the day before, trying to be independent and helpful, the way I’ve been my entire life. I took care of myself, when the ones who were supposed to, left me to help another and/or converse.

Sound familiar, First-Born? I don’t wait, demand, or whine. I looked this way and that, noticed that the workers were otherwise engaged. But I didn’t look down. I fell. No fault.

The accident occurred at 10:30 a.m. at the Irvine Ranch Water District free, non-potable water dispensing station. In a community outreach effort, our noble water company installed three pumps, similar to gas pumps, to dispense recycled water. All one had to do was provide containers. I’d been providing water for our garden and patio potted plants, about 30 gallons/week since May/June.

The incident occurred because the water dispensing pump was built on a pedestal, a roughly three foot square of concrete, all curb above asphalt. No yellow or red paint to demark/alert. No green grass about.

When the female attendants were immersed in helping others at two widespread dispensing stations, I stepped up on the pedestal to replace the water nozzle and hose I’d been handed a few moments before.

And then I turned toward my car…falling full on my right arm and leg. Thank goodness the elbow, forearm, and hip bones didn’t crack. Thank goodness I didn’t slide on the asphalt. Thank goodness I didn’t hit my head. No concussion needed or desired.

I now had both women’ attention. They wanted to ice and medicate, likely get me to sign an accident report and waiver. No fault.


But I didn’t stay. I got in my car, drove the short distance home, retrieved my prepared ice packs, and gulped the Advil. I ministered to myself. It’s a life pattern of the oldest, the wife of a traveling sales & marketing man, a self-containment that has served me well.

But this incident was debilitating to the max. While the Physician’s Assistant assured me that nothing was broken, there was significant soft tissue damage. Shock would wane and pain would begin, over the next few days.

As usual, my life was scheduled: an oral reading of my book, HASHES & BASHES, and opportunity to sell at 7:00 p.m.. I had Bible Study for several hours the next morning. I had a play date and lunch with a friend with monthly Bunco in the evening on Thursday. I had a website to finalize, an online writing course to review-write-submit 2000 words about character desire. I had bags to pack to leave on a cherished foray to SouthEast Asia with friends on Saturday.

I had no time for frailty and pain, no time to deliberate every moment and movement, though my dominant side was hampered. No time. No time out. No way.

 Yes: Living Life as a Miracle once again
with a little help from Friends and a
Good Man, my faithful husband.
Thank goodness and God.