This past year has been the clamp down from hell for two adventure-prone and highly-social people like my husband and I. While we’ve been content at home, we are now eager to overcompensate with sojourns to anywhere – as long as it’s nearby. Within the bounds of LA – San Diego there are plenty of playgrounds to frolic within natural and man-made attractions. Suggestions are welcomed in the comments. Requirements: no bags to pack or overnights in a hotel/motel.

We’re decidedly not ready to fly anytime soon. After all, we’ve traveled to 50 states and 44 countries already. We are not travel-bereft.

What we’d really like is to go to a party. It’s been more than a year since we’ve been party animals. We may/may not know how to dress appropriately, though we have an armada of masks available to gain entry into another’s home. We’ve also had our shots, which is how we all used to talk about pets we’d adopt from a shelter. Egads!

Alas, we missed three family wedding last year – will we have forgotten how to dance?

Should we air kiss, fist bump, or elbow caress? It’ll be tough for me to avoid default to a huge hug. My macho hubby may even succumb to a bro hug.

We all know we’ll likely never shake hands again. That social etiquette has been banished for all time.

Will our gifts of banter return? Will we still be able to laugh at the proper moments? Will our friends employ gallows humor to speak of the unspeakable: the past year that we’ve mutually shared alone? What is the proper social distance protocol: three or six-feet away or will arm’s length suffice?

I might be an embarrassment, making a fool of myself with alcohol and asked to depart within an hour of arrival…

Which calls to question: shall we be prompt or arrive fashionably late (whatever that means)? Shall we bring beer or water? Wine or dope?

Will there be hashes & bashes, the title of my second book in the Faith, Family, Frenzy! series. Check it out on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.