Language is Beauty – words, rhythm, turns of phrase. Language is deathless – once written, it can be seen forever, uncensored like thoughts and spoken words. Language has a beat and singers sing to it, drummers drum to it, audiences enjoy it. Few other critters in this world are as alive as language can be.

Language is Power. Ask any two-year-old who strives to say “No!” Ask any parent who’d prefer to understand the simplicity of “No” to let him/her in on the secret of an unintelligible toddler’s tantrum.

Language is Happiness – as when he or she or your boss says “Yes!” It’s gonna happen and life will forever change, for better or for worse.

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Language is Mankind’s story, the intergenerational lessons learned. The crocheted network of survival on which we lean. Words are the bind of, for better or worse – all humankind.

“Fight or Flight” can be achieved with words as well as fists.

  • Words as weapons.
  • Words as means to friendships and bonds.
  • Words to cross bridges rather than feet.
  • Words as descriptors for beauty; word to dun something or someone.
  • Words as habits, words as tools, words as freedom passage to new worlds.
  • Words to halt, to hic-up, or onomatopoeia.
  • Words to describe rhythms, fates, and great dates.
  • Words to command and/or anticipate.
  • Words as kindness, words as delays, words to kiss away hurt or to inflict it.

Does this phrase chime in your head? Before you speak or… afterward when there’s no way to stuff those words back in your mouth?

How will you use your words today?