Sometimes things are so much more simple than we make them out to be in our wild imaginations, we writers of our life. We think too much, analyze too much, let our minds wander…and end up concocting a woebegone story that feels real. We agonize over all of the facts in that story (the fiction that we contrived)…we grieve, we stress, we ache in our sides and bite our nails. It’s drama we project onto our real lives.

There may be valid reasons why you didn’t win the lottery, why he scowled and passed you by, why she is being particularly distant, why your family member is grumpy, why things didn’t work out the way you thought was the best.

We may obsess about whether he or she thinks we are interesting enough, savvy enough, pretty enough, important enough – enough enough already. 

Other people’s lives are not your script, your purpose, or your own best agenda.

Shift  to what you have control over in the jet stream. If you are worried about something…is there something that you can do to fix it or change it? Do it.

If not,  it’s time to stop worrying. Give it up to God, the Great Listener who loves you. 

No reason to fret or make events big enough to fly on their own bad trip.

Live your beautiful life. Look all around you and be grateful for every little thing. Focus on the things that you have influence over…love them, cherish them, enjoy them. Let life be simple…let life surprise you a little bit…don’t think too hard.

Do your best, be on His path, and let everything else go. 

Why? Because that is the path to peace….and it will make you happy.

headline quote by Michel De Montaigne