Here I sit, in front of my Mac, where, a few moments ago, I was transported, like a famous movie in reverse, back to the past.

High school reunion via Skype, an innovation that wasn’t featured in

It was great fun. It was a blast! You can tell as you look at the 2080-mile selfie. My grin may last forever.


I am high school glad. We all survived, thrived – we all still have our teeth to smile above that extra chin. Our memories flush and full above it/them.


_____ _____ _____ Fill in the blanks anyway that elates, vindicates, and pleases you – even rule-obsessed memoirists do that! Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Every story has a past, present, and future.

Sometimes what happens bests the most ingenious fiction – my classmates made me proud as they shared their stories in turn: heroism, stoicism, compassion, commitment, faith, truth, entrepreneurs extra-ordinaire…it was all there, shelved like trophies and tomes. At peace with their accomplishments, faults,  memories, the present.

We’d each emerged from the doors of Medaryville High, racing like black horses, eager to meet the world, inventing plot lines of good until we re-united to share.

Write your life the way it suits you: act, react, live it, love it, be and do it, laugh out loud. Cry if you must. Trudge on.

Because you only get one. You’re It!