I’ve written about envy several times in the past. I selected one I wrote four years ago because it showcases some phrases from Aussie slang that I cherish.


While some say the love of money is the source of all evil, in my earthly experience, it’s envy.

Several famous and highly-renowned sources agree, including the Ten Commandments given to Moses by I AM to shape the newly chosen people from roaming tribes into well-behaved citizens in a new religion. Further, there’s the vaunted writer of plays, Shakespeare, who made envy of his central themes.

Envy is the demon spawn of self-loathing and comparison. In case you haven’t encountered the famed saying about comparison, I’ll share it again in a meme. Please note that the meme size is diminished so that one cannot perceive it as a boast…

The classic expression of envy in American literature is in Tom Wolfe’s novel, The Bonfire of the Vanities. Written in the ’80s, alternately known as the age of Wall Street hedonism. The protagonist makes a million dollars a year, yet he is envious of someone who’s rich enough to have a permanent limo driver. Then one wrong turn upends everyone…

Envy is a corrosive weapon that weaves its ugly magic, unseen, to warp some people’s souls. They ignite a bonfire to bring a supposed rival down, but this doesn’t extinguish the corrosion. There will always be another opportunity to enact egregious drama wreak havoc anytime, anywhere, and by any means imaginable.

Life would be much simpler if every earthly citizen – each human on our highly-populated planet – could allow themselves to feel peace, joy, and contentment.


Find a cure for envy within you and without you (a phrase from a Beatles song – do you recognize it? Challenge yourself to relieve yourself of this evil emotion: give to charitable causes, practice yoga, or go to a house of worship. Feel better, do better. Be your own better self.

Sincerely, PJC