Rip ’em up, tear ’em down! Some people specialize in savagery to others’ reputations. They are emulous, a word that shouldn’t exist, but it even has synonyms and a color: green with envy.

Comparison is an anxiety-provoking habit that can never  have a happy ending. Each person is given a different personality, benefits, and tools – even twins have divergence, secrets, and personal twists. To compare one set of attributes, circumstances, body, relationships, skills etc. to another’s is like comparing metal to wood to water to fire to earth.

In other words, it’s neither feng shui nor a path that leads to health and happiness. Not good in any culture or in any corner of the planet.

If you are feeling discontent about a facet of your life, consider if it is because you are comparing your life to someone else’s. When you remove all comparison, you may find that you actually have exactly what you need right now. You are just fine. Perhaps the perfect life has been designed for you to learn what you need to learn in the present.

Life is a present, as you know. It is where you are now.

Comparison clouds the joy, gratitude, and authenticity you can see in your mirror. Look at your life, your gifts, your path, your prowess, and your mission. That’s where your influence is – compare yourself only to your self. Let this attitude prevail in your thinking and your feelings. That’s where the magic in your life will happen. That’s where the joy is!

And isn’t that where you want to be: feeling peachy, not green?