small STASHES Hi PJ,

I wanted you to know that I just finished your book and enjoyed it very much. You always had such fun with words and this was still was very evident in Stashes. There was a combination of complexity and playfulness that reminded me of the Patti I used to know.
When I read the part about Jackie and Amy baking in the school cafeteria kitchen I pictured the cafeteria kitchen at MHS that we used for various fundraisers and such. Then I thought that maybe you did too when writing this.
Also, visiting the diorama at Gettysburg on a school trip to the nations capital was something that we certainly did. And, the only Avonelle that I have known in my 6- years was one that graduated with us in 19–!
Please let me know when your next book is out! This was fun.

Your old friend, Nancy
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This complimentary reminiscence arrived via email, preceding the mailed invitation to my high school reunion by a few days. Nancy got my email address from STASHES, an additional boon of my book. Bliss-out, Boomer! We had reignited our relationship, beyond pictures of grandkids and travel report one-liners in the obligatory Christmas card. I was enticed into longing, a need to hug and chat with my hsbff.

UnknownThe numerals on the reunion invitation seemed like a neon-lighted lie, leering at me with unblinking truth: I was old. Even the bid from AARP and Social Security hadn’t tsunamied me with the same feeling wave.

Not so long ago I was a precocious smiling youth nimbly awaiting a way out of that tiny, claustrophobic town into anywhere my wings could be spread. I went to college and never looked back. I’ve done STASHES of stuff since then.

I remain a smiling, precocious youth in my heart…and my husband and I are making plans. We have many family and friends within a days’ drive of the reunion site. We have that winsome youth from yesteryear to reassure, too – we made it, we did well, we made ourselves and others proud. We held our own hands, so now we can high-five – and see what STASHES of stuff our long ago peers have done. I’m sure they did well for themselves, too, and I am eager to hear.

What about you, Constant Reader? Up for a reunion experience?! What should I wear? Besides my ever-cheery smile, of course!