We are the competent ones. We are the ones who carry on, who become stoic instead of hysterical, the ones who shoulder a weight like it is nothing, nothing at all. We are the ones who make it right for everyone, who don’t say no if you need help, but almost always say no to ourselves.

The oldest, forbearing child who becomes the grown-up who carries on. The child of alcoholic parents and/or narcissists. The one who fled an abusive relationship, a one-sided slug fest of the soul. The one with pervious boundaries, taking more responsibility than a body should.

We are the ones who never seek advice, solace, or shelter. We’re not used to it, you see.

Because it takes one to know one, I often know who you are, so here’s solid content right here and now:


A message brought to you by sun-gazing.com in rainbow colors and by the Son, who created the rainbow as well as the rain.