Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

True that when it comes to airline flights. Although boarding a flight to a far-flung destination can still be a glamorous event, most air travelers today don’t worry about looking super-pulled together for their journeys. But while comfortable pants and t-shirts have largely replaced the high heels or three-piece suits of the early years of jet flight, the majority of airlines still have dress codes in place.

These rules aren’t to monitor style. They’re focused on barring attire flight crews or fellow passengers may see as inappropriate or offensive in order to avoid conflicts on board. Conflicts already exist because no one wants the dreaded middle seat…

Passengers wearing short shorts, halter and crop tops, and see-through clothing have been asked to change before boarding. Sometimes crew members offer a blanket or a t-shirt as a cover-up of the offending attire.

She may have collected her boarding pass, but she was stopped at the gate.


Dress codes are part of your contract with an airline. Love of one’s family is your contract with life.